Background check

UpdatedTuesday May 14, 2019 byBill Larison.

Coaches &Volunteers Clearances

The well-being and safety of all participants is top priority for the Morrisville Little Bulldogs Youth Cheerleading and Football Organization.  Please be aware that all coaches and/or parent volunteers, who are on the field with the participants, must obtain background checks/clearances in advance.

Please be aware that background/safety clearances may take four weeks or longer to obtain.  If you are interested in being a coach/volunteer, please plan accordingly and obtain your paperwork as soon as possible.   


How to Obtain Background Clearances:

1. Act 34 Criminal Background Check: You may obtain this online at . As of 7/25/2015, there is no fee for volunteers who apply for this clearance.

. Act 151 Child Abuse History Clearance: You may obtain this online at .  As of 7/25/2015, there is no fee for volunteers who apply for this clearance.

3.  FBI Clearance/Fingerprinting*: Application forms and instructions are available at .  The cost of the fingerprint service is $27.  You must register prior to going to the fingerprinting location. 

*A prospective volunteer is required to obtain only the Pennsylvania State criminal background and child abuse clearances, and is not required to secure the above FBI/fingerprint clearance if, and only if, the following three conditions are met:

  • The prospective volunteer is applying for an unpaid position;
  • The prospective volunteer has been a resident of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania continuously for the prior ten (10) year period; and
  • The prospective volunteer swears or affirms in writing that the prospective volunteer has never been convicted of a disqualifying crime in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania or another state, district or foreign nation, or under a former law of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.